About handweaving and other creative projects


I am a handweaver in South Africa. Largely self-taught as far as weaving is concerned, I have been weaving for just about 20 years. I own five looms: three table looms and two floor looms.

What does weaving have to offer?

Here, I can do no better than quote Mary Meigs Atwater in The shuttle-craft book of American hand-weaving:

“People suffering from anxieties about which they can do nothing, people trying to live again after some shattering loss, people whose lives are unsatisfactory or incomplete, all find in weaving a great resource. It is so impersonal, so very old, so practical, with such boundless variety, such opportunities for beauty!”

I think this says it all.

My name is Jane, and I live just outside Pretoria, in South Africa’s most populated province, Gauteng.